Tuesday, April 1, 2014

#WIKISOO is the best

I decided to write this post in wiki language..so here it goes


If you are wondering what the title means, look at the first four letters and you will realize that I am talking about wikipedia.WIKISOO is short for WIKIpedia School Of Open. Thanks Pete and Sara for making this a wonderful experience.

Digital Footprint:

I made my own user page as a part of this course and made an appearance on wikipedia. I have a talk page too (if you look at the picture) so feel free to let me know if I did a good job on that (or even a crappy one).

Learning, Copyright, Open Educational Resources:

Wikipedia is social but is an encyclopedia  in the first place. We were taught on how to write articles, use images without copyright infringement and use open educational resources (everybody benifits and nobody gets hurt).

Guest talks:

We had a lot of guests (just like professors at graduate school ) introducing us to various aspects of wikipedia we could explore, learn from and contribute to.

Final Project:

I am off now to work on my final project which is to improve the article on PRG4 and make it easier for people to understand (not to mention bring it to start class: in wiki language).

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